Welcome to Cup Tea Bar & Cafe, glad you're at the table! First, the information and our apologies… We closed for flooring repairs on October 16th, fully expecting to reopen with yummy treats and such in a few days, which is what we had been told and printed, published and believed. Please note, our cafe is in a building in which it is actually possible for F. Scott Fitzgerald to have stepped foot, on the original floors, which we actually discovered on Monday. True story! Though we are pretty sure that Fitzgerald never stepped foot in our future cafe, we are fairly sure that Cup could use an update, and still, either way, we are not open this week or next week either and if our brilliant and hard working contractors are correct, not until near Thanksgiving. Now here is the official disclaimer, are you ready for it? “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Cup will be closed longer than we had anticipated. We ask you, our loyal customers, and those who have just heard of our gluten free and vegan options, as well as the new freshman in a college down the road in search of healthy eating at a down to earth price, to bear with us. It is our full intent to make it well worth your wait. Stay tuned ;-)” And it is true, we are already designing a familiar and yet updated space, one where, who knows? We believe that integrating our community and creating an opportunity for fresh & artistic expression is essential. We are inspired by that. A space where we can congregate, talk to one another and find community over a steaming hot latte or freshly steeped loose leaf tea is important. We like outdoing ourselves and want to make you proud to be part of our success. Stay tuned, most updates will come through Facebook, it's just simpler to streamline to a single platform. Feel free to call us and leave a message, we will respond. We, the Cup Crew look forward to our Grand Reopening, to be announced, as soon as the floors, ceilings and walls have been firmly approved by the 21st century.

Located in the heart of downtown Westminster, CUP offers brewed to order loose-leaf teas, locally roasted coffee and a fresh healthy menu.

Tues - Sat 8am - 4pm
Sun 9am - 4pm


Our menu items are prepared to order using only the freshest ingredients, and the full menu is available any time of day. Our delicious soups and baked goods are prepared on site daily. Gluten Free bread and baked goods are always available, as well as vegan and dairy free menu items.

Carryout Available call 410-848-7622 to order

Tea & Coffee Sources

CUP offers a wide variety of quality loose-leaf teas brewed to order.
Tea picker

Our menu is made up of teas grown in China, Japan, Taiwan, India & South Africa.  About 90% of our fun flavors like Chocolate Chili Truffle, Almond Cookies & Vanilla Lemongrass are blended in and distributed from nearby Lebanon, PA.  We pride ourselves on offering quality teas from local companies.

We offer fresh roasted coffee from Furnace Hills Coffee and are proud to offer the MAIN STREET BREW and the SOUTH AMERICAN DECAF. Furnace Hills Coffee sources only the finest Fair Trade, Direct Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee beans from the best growing regions around the world.

Stop in today to enjoy a pot or cup of tea or coffee brewed just for you.





Tea Selections 

hot tea with green leaf

English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Earl Grey da la Creme
Chai Americaine
Chocolate Strawberry
Chocolate Chili Truffle
Lapsang Souchong
Black Raspberry
Orange Cinnamon
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 
Apricot (decaf)

Japanese Sencha
Peach Sencha
China Gunpowder
Almond Cookie
Enchanted Berry
Moroccan Mint
Green Chai
Green Apple
Maple Walnut
Blueberry Crumbcakedry green tea


Yerba’ Mate’
Caramel Mate’
Roasted Mate’

Chocolate Ginger
Honey Spice
Cappuccino Cream
Lemon Soufflé’
Rising Sun

Vanilla Lemongrass
Apple Pear Tulsi
Blood Orange
Very Berry

Finest Oolong (Ti Quan Yin)
Orange Oolong (Formosa)
Yunnan Pu-Ehr

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Gypsy’s Tearoom

Gypsy's tea room

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Furnace Hills Coffee

Furnace hills coffee

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Ticklebelly Farm

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410-848-7622 | 1 East Main Street | Westminster, MD